Your Members Area – How it works

We have created the following functions for you as a member, all of these can be found as the following menu items:
Members - This is where you begin to get to know the community that is The Sporting Club. All details are captured and displayed in real time for you to make the most of the growing database of fellow members as they join.
Messaging - You can send direct messages to all members either using messaging in your menu or by clicking on the message icon on the individual member's listing. Your fellow members will be alerted by email that you want to connect.
Notice Board - This enables you to send out a notice to all fellow members about any news a member wishes to share about themselves or their company. This may be about almost anything - from opening new offices, merges, winning pitches or awards, sponsoring, opportunities or special deals for members, to even sharing news about charity runs, sporting/theatre tickets that are unwanted or news about events in conjunction with TSC. Your fellow members will be alerted by email that your notice is available to view.
Tickets - Can be purchased via the "Buy Tickets" section of the menu if you are a member and for those guests who are not yet members they can be purchased via the events pages on the main website. The system also monitors ticket availability.
My Details - This is where you let fellow members know who you are and why they should network with you. Here you can upload an image to help them recognise you at the clubs. This image may also be used for security purposes by the clubs to authenticate your membership. You will also find your digital membership card in this section.